Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Tutu Wreath

Seriously, we love the dramatic eye appealing look of our tutu wreaths. Kids love the help make them and as a bonus it only takes as long to throw together as their attention span, winning. 

-12" styrofoam ring
-88 strips black tulle, cut 30"
-88 strips orange tulle, cut 30"
- spider web decor 
-plastic spiders
-hot glue gun
-1 extra tulle strip for hanging

Layer one strip of black tulle and one strip of orange tulle
Bring end together, making a loop in the middle
Slip knot it over the styrofoam ring
Pull tight

Repeat in like pattern until ring is full.

Hot glue dots on back of the ring and spread spider web until it looks spook-tastic. I let each kid put one spider in desired spot on web.

Tight extra piece of tulle around top of styrofoam ring and hang on 3M strip hook.


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