Monday, March 24, 2014

Honey Sugar Face Mask

have never been a girly girl.... Until I had a girl... Who is totally a girly girl kinda girl.... Now that I get to do girly girl stuff with my very own girly girl....that makes me want to scream with excitement.... just like a .... well ....girl.  

This morning we took on the task of a DIY facial mask and though it was just us girls this time, don't let those boys fools you, they like to be pampered just as much. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky Charm Squares

Just jumping on really quick to share this yummy St. Patty's Day treat.

They are yummy.
They are sugary.
They are easy.
They are easily consumed by the pan full.

And I'm pretty sure the more I eat, the more luck of the Irish I'll have…


Monday, March 10, 2014

Pizza Dough

I have weird hopes attached to the food memories for my kids. 
Pizza is one of them. 

I imagine my kids, as adults, telling their own kids about Friday night pizza nights and whatever happy memories we've created along the way to go with them. 

I also imagine them complaining about how "Mom would never keep the recipe the same! never the same dough. never the same sauce. she'd make one that was great one week and then change it completely the next."

I have weird hopes attached to the list of complaints for my kid's therapist too.

But I'm getting of topic here…

Pizza dough, yes.. 
It's so versatile. 
Use beer, instead of water.
Add in pesto.
Throw some sun dried tomatoes paste into the mix.
Doesn't adding parmesan sound like a no brainer?

I'm getting ahead of myself here, lets just start with the basics and go from there.