Sunday, September 15, 2013


As a kid, I hated Stromboli. Largely because I didn't feel Swiss cheese was worth my time, I saw no appeal to it's sharp fragrance appealing, I turned my nose up at it, and with out hesitation, requested provolone instead.

As an adult, I love Stromboli. Largely because I will take any opportunity to flirt with Swiss cheese and curse my younger self for not having appreciated it's allure. I'm ashamed for ever suggesting provolone could replace it so easily. 

I have seen the error in my ways. The amount of Stromboli I dismissed… the Swiss cheese I disregarded… The regretful feelings I still harbor…I was so young…. I was such a foolish… 

 photo 1236637_573275869406369_714974118_n_zpsdd8a4bba.jpg