Monday, February 10, 2014

'White' Chicken Chili

Let me frist start of by acknowledging that though this is a recipe based on the idea of White Chicken Chili, it's in fact not white… but wait, just listen…. I can explain…

Firstly, some recipes have pepper jack {or some other} cheese melted into it's broth, supporting the color assigned title, I don't see the necessity of it…. cheese base broth, isn't really chili now is it….

Secondly, what kind of "chili" doesn't have "chili powder" in it?
No chili I'm willing to attack my name to, I'll tell you that.

So with the darkness of the chili powder and the lightness of the base, it's pretty self explanatory for there.

Perhaps I could have taken the liberty to name it, "Slightly Off White, Not Quite Tan, With A Hue of Red, Chicken Chili", but I feel like that just doesn't roll of the tongue as well.