Monday, March 24, 2014

Honey Sugar Face Mask

have never been a girly girl.... Until I had a girl... Who is totally a girly girl kinda girl.... Now that I get to do girly girl stuff with my very own girly girl....that makes me want to scream with excitement.... just like a .... well ....girl.  

This morning we took on the task of a DIY facial mask and though it was just us girls this time, don't let those boys fools you, they like to be pampered just as much. 

Mix together 
-2 Tablespoons baking soda {exfoliates finer pore}
-1 Tablespoon sugar {exfoliates dead facial skin... Sounds gross, but it's there}
-1 Tablespoon honey {opens pores for exfoliation, full of antioxidant to slow aging, is an antibacterial to fight acne and prevent it, pumps up that 'glow' and evens skin tone} 

Mix until everything is incorporated into a paste, you may have to add a bit more honey than the original tablespoon to get all the baking soda worked in.

Honey Scrub covers one Mumma face and one Beanie face. 

Generously apply to face, avoiding eyes

While you give your skin the opportunity to soak up all the honey goodness {10 minutes minimum, but the longer the better} you can chase un-expecting  member of your family around the house, answer the door to a youth group bottle drive, or take ridiculous pictures of yourself and send them to your friends. 

When ready to remove.
Wet hands and gently scrub, in circular motions, mask off your face. 


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