Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Greek Dip

I have a million dip recipes, I love making dip, mostly I love eating dips, but despite having so many to choose from, most of them are heavy with cheese, warm and guilt full.

This particular one was thrown together on a hot, humid day, when I needed something cool and refreshing to offer our guest.

Since then, it has gone from being served as a dip with Pita chips at a party, to eaten in a sun-dried tomato wrap with chicken for lunch, to being brought as a side salad at BBQ's.

Either way, I'm eating it in abundance.

Greek Dip

1-italian cucumber
1-small container of cherry tomatoes
3 tablespoon of red onion
8-10 kalamata olives

Throw in large bowl

 little less than 1/4 cup feta cheese {the herbed feta is good too}

Mix in...
1/4 cup greek salad dressing {add more or less to taste}

Pinch of salt

Serve with Pita Chips


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